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Sent – A Vision is Birthed

It is through the book of Nehemiah that we learn what it means to be sent on a life changing mission by God. Join us as we discover that the mission God has sent us on is bigger and more important than we’ve ever imagined.

Jonah 3 – Heaven’s Guest List
Jonah 2 – We Are Jonah
Jonah 1 – Relentless Grace
Goodness and Love
Presence of my Enemies
Valleys and Shadows
He Leads, Guides, and Restores
The Lord is My Shepherd
Fathers of Influence
League of Judges – Abimelek
League of Judges – Samson
League of Judges – Gideon
League of Judges – Ehud
Leviticus – Day of Atonement
Leviticus – A Royal Priesthood
Best Day Every – Easter 2019
Leviticus – Guilt Offerings
Leviticus – Sin Offerings
Leviticus – Fellowship Offerings
Leviticus – Grain Offerings
Leviticus – Burnt Offerings
Kris Deese – The Mission of God
Leviticus – Reordered in God
How is Your Soul – Enlarged through Grieving
How is Your Soul – The Gift of Limits
How is Your Soul – Power of Saying “No”
How is Your Soul – Deeper Friendships
How is Your Soul – Befriending Silence
How is Your Soul – Feeding Your Soul
How Is Your Soul – Soul Care 101
New Year – New Word – Planted
New Year – New Season
He Will Be Called – Prince of Peace
He Will Be Called – Everlasting Father
He Will Be Called – Mighty God
He Will Be Called – Wonderful Counselor
True North – Make Disciples
True North – Gospel Driven
True North – Glory of God
New Chapter – First Sunday
Sent – Finishing Well
Sent – Rebuilding a Life with God
Sent – Releasing Personal Revival
Sent – A Vision is Birthed
Sent – Favor from the King
Sent – Broken & Stirred
On Earth as in Heaven – Forgive, Lead & Deliver
On Earth as in Heaven – Daily Bread
On Earth as in Heaven – Kingdom Come
On Earth as in Heaven – Hallowed Be Your Name
On Earth As In Heaven – Our Father
Treasure in You – Reggie Screen
First and Free: Truth Telling and Contentment
Living with an Eternal Perpective
10: First and Free – Surprised by God’s Goodness
10: First and Free – Do Not Steal
10: First and Free – Resting in Faith
10: First and Free – Honor Your Parents
10: First and Free – Carrying the Name of God
10: First and Free – Refuse to Reduce
10: First and Free – No Other Gods
10: First and Free – Heart of the Matter
Apostles Creed – We Believe in Life Everlasting…
Apostles Creed – We Believe in Stewardship…
Apostles Creed – We Believe in the Holy Church…
Apostles Creed – We Believe in the Holy Spirit…
Apostles Creed – We Believe in Jesus…
Apostles Creed – We Believe in God…
Easter – The Best Day Ever
Crossology – No Longer Slaves
Crossology – Away with Wrath
Ending Well: 4 Legs to a Stable Faith
Going to Work on Mission
Gospel-Centered Parenting
Gospel-Centered Marriage
A Gospel Saturated Heart
Gospel Clarity – Religion vs Relationship
Living on Mission – Part 2
Living on Mission – Part 1
The Principle of the First
A Prayer for the Church
Christmas Eve – Matthew 2
A Story of Hope – Luke 1
Christmas in Six Words – Matthew 1
Gratitude Factor – Luke 17
Following God for God – Genesis 22