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Sent – A Vision is Birthed

It is through the book of Nehemiah that we learn what it means to be sent on a life changing mission by God. Join us as we discover that the mission God has sent us on is bigger and more important than we’ve ever imagined.

Following God for God – Genesis 22
Gratitude Factor – Luke 17
Christmas in Six Words – Matthew 1
A Story of Hope – Luke 1
Christmas Eve – Matthew 2
A Prayer for the Church
The Principle of the First
Living on Mission – Part 1
Living on Mission – Part 2
Gospel Clarity – Religion vs Relationship
A Gospel Saturated Heart
Gospel-Centered Marriage
Gospel-Centered Parenting
Going to Work on Mission
Ending Well: 4 Legs to a Stable Faith
Crossology – Away with Wrath
Crossology – No Longer Slaves
Easter – The Best Day Ever
Apostles Creed – We Believe in God…
Apostles Creed – We Believe in Jesus…
Apostles Creed – We Believe in the Holy Spirit…
Apostles Creed – We Believe in the Holy Church…
Apostles Creed – We Believe in Stewardship…
Apostles Creed – We Believe in Life Everlasting…
10: First and Free – Heart of the Matter
10: First and Free – No Other Gods
10: First and Free – Refuse to Reduce
10: First and Free – Carrying the Name of God
10: First and Free – Honor Your Parents
10: First and Free – Resting in Faith
10: First and Free – Do Not Steal
10: First and Free – Surprised by God’s Goodness
Living with an Eternal Perpective
First and Free: Truth Telling and Contentment
Treasure in You – Reggie Screen
On Earth As In Heaven – Our Father
On Earth as in Heaven – Hallowed Be Your Name
On Earth as in Heaven – Kingdom Come
On Earth as in Heaven – Daily Bread
On Earth as in Heaven – Forgive, Lead & Deliver
Sent – Broken & Stirred
Sent – Favor from the King
Sent – A Vision is Birthed
Sent – Releasing Personal Revival
Sent – Rebuilding a Life with God
Sent – Finishing Well
New Chapter – First Sunday
True North – Glory of God
True North – Gospel Driven
True North – Make Disciples
He Will Be Called – Wonderful Counselor
He Will Be Called – Mighty God
He Will Be Called – Everlasting Father
He Will Be Called – Prince of Peace
New Year – New Season
New Year – New Word – Planted
How Is Your Soul – Soul Care 101
How is Your Soul – Feeding Your Soul
How is Your Soul – Befriending Silence
How is Your Soul – Deeper Friendships
How is Your Soul – Power of Saying “No”
How is Your Soul – The Gift of Limits
How is Your Soul – Enlarged through Grieving
Leviticus – Reordered in God
Kris Deese – The Mission of God
Leviticus – Burnt Offerings
Leviticus – Grain Offerings
Leviticus – Fellowship Offerings
Leviticus – Sin Offerings
Leviticus – Guilt Offerings
Best Day Every – Easter 2019
Leviticus – A Royal Priesthood
Leviticus – Day of Atonement
League of Judges – Ehud
League of Judges – Gideon
League of Judges – Samson
League of Judges – Abimelek